Storytelling is an art. Whether in film or video, marketing communications - words on a page or pixels on a screen - it is an art that requires a deep understanding of how to use all of the tools available to weave a compelling story. To be sure, these “tools of the trade” include a mixture of words, images, music and sound, but there is more to it than that. It takes touch and feel - a keen sense of timing - and appreciation for design and structure.

Great storytelling requires a different view of the world – it takes a dreamer, it takes someone who looks at the world with wonder in his eyes – someone who believes in magic and understands that real life can be infinitely more fascinating than anything the best studio in Hollywood could invent. With this view of the world, even the most routine communication can come alive with remarkable richness and vibrance.


While 45 North Communications is, in fact, a full-service marketing, film and video production company, it is really much more by virtue of the talents and experience of the firm’s principals and partners. More accurately, we are a communications company specializing in this “art” of telling stories – stories that reach people on both an intellectual and emotional level – stories that move people and have a lasting impact.

Today, there are great “stories” everywhere – they’re being written everyday by individuals and organizations in all walks of life. Many times the individuals and organizations don’t even realize that they are part of an unfolding and untold story that can have real impact on the world around them. Indeed, often the most profound stories are found in the most unlikely places on earth.

From long-form documentaries of hope and inspiration in the most remote corners of the world – to television specials, corporate communication strategies, and national commercials for new and innovative products right here in America – 45 North is able to uncover the "real" storyline and “bring it to life.”

At its heart, 45 North Communications is a center of creative thinking and ideas. We build ourselves into the vision and strategy of our clients, design an integrated communications plan, craft the message and define the “rhetoric,” and then execute the plan, sweating the details of implementation, production and meticulous execution.

Ask our clients. With the exception of our original television initiatives, virtually all the projects we take on have been unsolicited client referrals, and repeat business flowing from long-term relationships. Needless to say, this is a source of great satisfaction to us and one for which we are most grateful.