The Medal - Part II of the American Patriot Series

Of the over 40 million men and women who have served in our nation’s Armed Forces, there stands above all a group of but 3,442 individuals – our nation’s recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor.

They came from every corner of our nation, and together they represent every race and creed that has formed our rich and diverse culture. More than half died in the action that resulted in their receiving the Medal.

Of those who survived, some became household names and went on to fame and fortune. But most went quietly home to the towns and cities they loved across America. Still others lived out their remaining life in poverty and obscurity, forgotten by the nation for which they sacrificed so much.

All of them, though, lived humbly and report almost universally that they were not the true heroes - the burden of such an honor being more than most can bear. Rather, they say, the Medal is a symbol of the valor and sacrifice of their fellow soldiers who never received it - whose names are not recorded in the history books, but whose lives nonetheless left their mark on the American Experience.

The Congressional Medal of Honor, like so many of our most sacred monuments, stands in testimony to the courage and fortitude of the American spirit. It is, according to many, a hallmark of our American freedom meant to remind us all of the tremendous price our citizens have been willing to pay to live up to our American ideals.

Only around 100 Medal of Honor recipients remain alive today!


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