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Great productions are not made in a vacuum.  45 North Communications is grateful for our partners and clients that have made our projects so successful.

They Serve In Silent Vigil

Ford RTWOTWThis program celebrates ordinary American families - men, women and children – who bravely stand alone and face that moment when they must wave goodbye to a new husband or wife, a son or a daughter, a young father or mother as they leave home for an uncertain future and join America’s frontline warriors a half a world away. 

After all, the families behind our nation’s military assume the same commitment – the same sense of loyalty, not serving on the frontlines, but serving in silent vigil – every hour of every day.


The Future According to Ford

Ford RTWOTWThis is the story of a remarkable American company on a mission to help build the future it sees possible – to offer hope where there is today only fear – to offer solutions in a world too often focused only on the challenges which loom on the horizon.

With more than a century of progress behind them, a dedicated army of designers and engineers – thinkers, dreamers and doers scattered throughout the globe – stand focused with one mission in mind – to Go Further.  That is exactly the Future According to Ford.


Reinventing the Wheels of the World

Ford RTWOTW Today, the new pioneers at the Ford Motor Company are defying the odds and, “going it alone” in the midst of an unprecedented economic crisis, are continuing an historic turnaround.

With the passion, perseverance, imagination, and entrepreneurial spirit of the company’s remarkable founder, they are, today, reestablishing American automotive leadership and reinventing the “wheels of the world”.


The New American Road

The New American Road is the story not just of an American company – but rather it is the story of an institution that continues to redefine the world in the 21st century.

It’s a story that’s unfolding before our very eyes and one which rightfully should bring pride to all of us as Americans.



The Next Great Mission

The Next Great Mission one-hour Television Documentary Special and companion Home Library DVD will tell a far different story of America’s Space Program than has been told countless times. Importantly, the program is not intended to present a detailed history of NASA, rather it is an attempt to understand the emotional and psychic benefits NASA continues to have on Americans of all ages – from inspiring our kids, to unifying our nation in times of trial. These are the real “deliverables” of our Space Program, and in an age of tightening budgets and competing interests, it is vital that Americans understand what NASA really means to our country.


A Nation Remembers

A Nation Remembers: The Story of the Pentagon Memorial tells the powerful story of America’s first National 9/11 Memorial and the families behind its development. The program spotlights the Pentagon Memorial, in all stages of construction through completion, as a backdrop for telling the stories of the men and women who gave their lives, and the families who lost so much.



The Medal

The Medal represents the second episode of the American Patriot Series. This television special and DVD documentary explores our nation’s recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor. Of the over 40 million men and women who have served in our nation’s Armed Forces, there stands above all a group of but 3,442 individuals who have received our Nation’s highest honor.

The Congressional Medal of Honor, like so many of our most sacred institutions, stands in testimony to the courage and fortitude of the American spirit. It is, according to many, a hallmark of our American freedom meant to remind us all of the tremendous price our citizens have been willing to pay to live up to our American ideals.


Arlington:In Eternal Vigil

Arlington: In Eternal Vigil is a powerful, inspiring and thought-provoking Television Special and DVD Documentary using Arlington National Cemetery as a platform for discovering the source of America’s greatness - our nation’s legacy of service, sacrifice, and commitment to the key values of freedom and duty.

The production is a one-hour Television Special and expanded Home DVD that captures the heart of Arlington Cemetery and represents the first in a series of original Television Specials/DVD Documentaries entitled the “American Patriot Series.”


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