A Nation Remembers - Part III of the American Patriot Series

"A Nation Remembers: The Story of the Pentagon Memorial" is a one hour television special and DVD hosted by actor Gary Sinise. Segments of this new program were played during the Official Pentagon Memorial Dedication Ceremonies on 9/11/08, and nearly 20,000 copies were distributed as a gift to the dignitaries in attendance.

Through the production and release of an hour-long documentary of “A Nation Remembers: The Story of the Pentagon Memorial,” 45 North Communications, an Ann Arbor, Michigan based production company has produced the official story of the building and dedication of America’s first national 9/11 Memorial.

The Pentagon Memorial itself serves as both a reminder and a place of healing for the nation and for those whose lives were reshaped by the events of September 11, 2001.

As such, it is an issue of national importance that as many Americans as possible are able to join in the remembrance and tribute this Memorial offers, but the fact remains that most will never have the opportunity to see these grounds first hand. It is, therefore, an altogether fitting extension of the Memorial to take a piece of that sacred ground directly into the homes of millions of Americans through the powerful media of television and Home DVD.

"A Nation Remembers: The Story of the Pentagon Memorial" will begin airing on national television in the spring of 2009.